Things I like<3>

Sex Money Drugs Drinking Pink Shipping Forever21 Rue 21 Nicer things in life the fast life fast cars mudding Hanging out with my boys. guys in gen. Abs boobs. Tumblr Staying out on all night. late night phone calls that goes on for hours the beach swimming Summer <3
get to know me <3 :)

How can i give somebody the world but get shit in return. How can i love you so much but you dont love me. How can i be there for you be faithful and not even hang out with anybody for you just to make me leave to go to my dads then message my friend telling her to come over im done.

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A cheater will always cheat no matter how good you treat them. anon (via lovingthebadguys)

How can i love somebody so much but he does me so wrong? 

Blah i just wanna fuckinv die. I always feel like i always talk to my self. Please just kill me

can i please just be happy

I.wish i had cute clothes. I don’t. I wear sweats and my bf t shirts. I hate my face. O.o i wish i was as pretty as girls that have all nice things. I dont ever ever have money to go out and treat my self. Becuae my bf won’t let me have a job or when i get have monet hw takes it all from me sighh


princess on the streets. also a princess in the sheets. dont touch me im royalty.